Marlborough College Antiques Fair 2020

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Marlborough College Antiques Fair 2020


23rd -25th October 2020 Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wilts, SN8 1PA

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In 1843, a group of Church of England clergymen, with the backing of the Archbishop of Canterbury, were looking to found a boarding school with the prime purpose of educating the sons of clergy.  Hearing that the Castle Inn at Marlborough was vacant, they took a lease on it and so Marlborough College started in August 1843 with the admission of its first 199 boys.

The school is built around the former mansion-house of the Dukes of Somerset and around the Marlborough Mound, a Neolithic edifice dated at 2400 BC and whose Norman castle saw medieval Kings hold court. The college is less than 80 miles from London and has excellent transport links to the Midlands, South and West. 

 In 1968 Marlborough was one of the first of the traditional boys’ boarding schools to admit girls into the sixth form. In 1989, the College became fully co-educational with the admission of girls into the lower school and with the establishment of the first of the all-girl boarding houses.