After Rosalba Carriera ‘Air’ Pastel Portrait

After Rosalba Carriera 'Air' Pastel Portrait

After Rosalba Carriera (Venice 1673-1757) -‘Air

Depicting ‘Air’ from the series of the four elements painted by Rosalba Carriera in 1746. An allegory of Air, her frothy white gown billowing in the wind, her gaze lifted up and away at a little white bird flying over her shoulder, inset oval slip and moulded rectangular gilt frame.

In 1746, Rosalba Carriera (1673-1757), the most popular and sought-after pastel painter of Europe in the 18th century, painted four “fancy piece” pastels of the same dimensions (56 x 46 cm), each representing one of the four elements.

Labelled to reverse 

Königl. Gemälde-Galerie

Permit Card

For Katherina Leatham

To copy the painting N0. 50 from Carriera, allegorical figure the air

in accordance with the Kopir regulations of 1897

Dresden, de 11 Nacbr 1905 the management

Height 31 7/8” (81cm)

Width 27 1/8” (69cm)


Dated 1905

£ 695

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